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| /etc/xinetd.d/*
| /etc/xinetd.d/*
| /etc/inetd.conf
| /etc/inetd.conf
| xinetd
| xinetd
| service xinetd restart
| service xinetd restart
| update-inetd (options)
| update-inetd (options)

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The following is the summary of different ways of doing similar tasks in RedHat and Debian.

Task RedHat Debian
Package GUI KPackageKit, yumex Synaptic Package Manager
Package management rpm, yum, yumex(GUI) dpkg, apt-*, aptitute
List packages rpm -qa dpkg -l
Which package a file belong to? rpm -qf filepath dpkg -S filepath
Package installation from an available package file rpm -ivh packagefile.rpm dpkg -i packagefile.deb
Remove package rpm -e packagename dpkg -r packagename
Package Search yum search ssh aptitude search ssh
Package installation yum install openssh aptitude install openssh
Package Removal yum remove openssh aptitude remove openssh
Interface configuration /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/* /etc/network/interfaces
Network service /etc/init.d/network restart /etc/init.d/networking restart
Service Start/stop service servicename start,stop,restart invoke-rc.d servicename start,stop,restart
Apache Configuration /etc/httpd/* /etc/apache2/*
Apache Log files /var/log/httpd/* /var/log/apache2/*
Apache Default Document Root /var/www/html /var/www/www-data
xinetd /etc/xinetd.d/* /etc/inetd.conf
xinetd service xinetd restart update-inetd (options)
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