Small Fedora problems and fixes

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Problem: Fedora 13. Tried to install "Task Timer" widget for KDE plasma. but when I placed it on the desktop, it showed "Could not create a python script engine" in the widget window.

Solution: "yum install kdebase-workspace-python-applet"

Additionally, try installing the following for extra built in widgets: "yum install kde-plasma* kdeplasma-addons"

Problem: OpenShot video editor (installed from sourcecode, not available in Fedora repositories), complaint that it could not find codecs, and to check the melt command.

Solution: Make sure "mlt" package is installed. Then change the "melt" command in the openshot preferences to "mlt-melt" . It will find the codecs. You can use the following command to check the list of codecs available/visible to openshot.

mlt-melt noise -consumer avformat vcodec=list

Problem: File menu disappears from Gnome applications.

Solution: "yum remove gnome-globalmenu-common gnome-applet-globalmenu"

Problem: Gnome File Manager, Nautilus gives error message while trying to open windows shares "Nautilus cannot handle "smb" locations"

Solution: "yum install gvfs-smb" or "yum install gvfs-*"

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